Canticle Farm

one heart , one home , one block at a time


Canticle Farm seen from a satellite orbiting the Earth every 98 minutes 423 miles overhead.

Mailing address:

Canticle Farm
1968 36th Avenue
Oakland, CA  94601


Mailing List:



2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Yay, Canticle farms and WTR friends. I just wanted to make you aware of mini grants (up to 5,000) that are offered through FAITHS program of the San Francisco foundation. I thought canticle farm programs would be a perfect fit! You can apply each year and this years deadline is February 24th. Apply online at Anything you are doing would fit! Peace, nathaniel

  2. STORYTELLING and land> I am writing because of my insipration to see your site. For 14 years I produced a storytelling tea party for 125 guests from 8-90 years old. THis interdisciplinary arts event commemorating the human and natural history of the place, ( Codornices park) and the watershed, creek, and our lives through dancers, storytellers, and each other! I am now an elder professional artist and wondering about event collaboration there!-Patricia Bulitt

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