Canticle Farm

one heart , one home , one block at a time


Operating Expenses, the 2015 Capital Campaign, and our needs list.

Here at Canticle Farm we are experimenting with the gift economy. What that means for us is making the radical move of detaching the services that we offer to the public from the expectation of receiving conventional currency in return.

On the one hand, this presents a challenge in a world where everything (and every being) is being commodified, and offerings without a price tag may be seen as worthless. On the other, our stance allows a larger circle of generosity – of friends blessed with with conventional currency, and time and energy – a means of participating in our shared activities fostering generosity and forgiveness in the human community and compassion for all beings.

Operating expenses:

Our monthly expenses are about $8,500. This includes: housing, food, utilities, and materials for workshops, classes, construction, etc. Please support us with a financial gift or item. Even the smallest amount helps us continue on the path toward a life-sustaining future. Please find payment details at the foot of this page.

Canticle Farm 2015 Capital Campaign:

Please find details of our Capital Campaign, here.

How to Donate?

– Donate conventional currency online through PayPal, here:

PayPal Donate Button

– Write a check payable to “Canticle Farm” and mail it to:

Canticle Farm
1968 36th Avenue
Oakland, CA 94601

Canticle Farm is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with tax exempt status. All donations are tax deductible.

Our needs list:


  • tools for simple living: treadle sewing machine, wood burning stoves (for cooking and for heating), crocks for fermentation (2 – 40 gal), apple press, mason jars, bottling jars (swing top lids preferred), old style oil lamps, hand water pump (or bike pump) for well, cast iron dutch ovens, fabric (hemp, cotton, wool, old sails, etc.), countertop water filtration system
  • selected books for our library: ‘Iron John’- Robert Bly, ‘My name is Chellis and I am Recoverring from Western Civilization’ – Chellis Glendenning, ‘The Maiden Czar’ – Robert Bly, Marion Woodman, ‘The House of Belonging’ – David Whyte, Etymological Dictionary
  • office supplies:  notebooks (pocket-size as well as regular-size)
  • instruments: djembe, congas, frame drum, tablas, harmonium, acoustic bass guitar, shakers, tambourine, guitar…
  • garden tools: shovels, picks, 5 gal buckets, handles, compost, manure, vegetable scraps, wheelbarrows, machete, twine
  • lumber/building materials:


  • Masonry (for chimneys)
  • Architecture (for building remodels)

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