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Canticle Farm 2015 Capital Campaign

Why a Capital Campaign?

Canticle Farm’s operating budget is primarily supported by individuals who live within the community itself and by gifts of money, volunteer hours, and resources from our extensive circle of friends. This very modest working budget is not enough to cover the pressing, long-term capital requirements we face around the properties in which we live and serve.

Our Capital Campaign seeks to support our basic ‘campus’ infrastructure which makes it possible in a dense urban setting to explore and model the visionary practices and disciplines required of living and working in harmony with one another, our larger community, and the Earth.

What is the Canticle Farm Capital Campaign?

Our landlord needs to sell the two houses we currently rent. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to purchase the property and make Canticle Farm sustainable into the future. By far and away our largest annual budget expense is rent, so purchasing the houses we already use would lower our monthly expenses and expand our capacity to serve.

We are raising $725,000 – through a combination of donations and low interest loans – to purchase and renovate three of the five community houses in which residents live and serve. These buildings are home to most of our community activities:

  • “Sister Moon & Stars” is our urban retreat center, hosting Work that Reconnects workshops, Nonviolent Communication trainings, and community-based groups who use the space for meetings and other gatherings. We are purchasing this building, and will renovate the downstairs to create a larger space for workshops.
  • “Sister Water” is our Catholic Worker House, offering hospitality to the re-entry community – people emerging from the prison system. Renovating it will more than double our capacity to offer hospitality to the re-entry community as well as  provide a home for Canticle Farmers.

These three houses are also home to our intentional community.

How Will the Money Be Used?

  • $575,000 Purchase of the 2 buildings that are currently rented
  • $100,000 Renovation, expanding capacity at our Urban Retreat Center
  • $50,000 Complete the on-going renovation our Catholic Worker House

Seeking visionary investors and donors

We are creating a capital campaign compatible with our model of a transitional economy – from exchange-based giving to what could be called an ‘ecology of gifting.’ We want to build personal relationships with donors whose vision resonates powerfully with ours.

Currently we are seeking a mix of tax-deductible donations and low-interest private loans. We have developed a business plan, outlining in detail both our visionary programs and the financial aspects of their implementation. If you would like to see our business plan, please let us know.

Gifts – Grants and Donations

We are hoping to raise $250,000 in donations, and thus far have raised $133,500. We have a $5,000 grant promised once we raise the next $70,000.

Low Interest Private Loans

These loans are like private mortgages: we pay back interest and principal over a 10 year period. We have capacity to borrow up to $225,000 with this model and have reached that amount.

Friends’ Revolving Loan Fund

This type of loan is a way for our extended community to carry some of the financing of property purchase over time. Lenders will receive their money back, typically after a 3 to 5 year term, and will be paid interest at the end of each year. When a term is up, a loan will be replaced by a new lender’s funds. We are looking to finance a total of $250,000 in this way. Not only does this form of lending benefit Canticle Farm, it also provides an opportunity to help create an alternative economy — one in which people “invest” in something they want to support, rather than keeping their money in the bank.

If this is of any interest to you, please contact Anne who will be happy to talk with you.

Write a check payable to “Canticle Farm” and mail it to:

Canticle Farm
1968 36th Avenue
Oakland, CA 94601

Canticle Farm is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with tax exempt status. All donations are tax deductible. Our TIN number is 461484633.


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