Canticle Farm

one heart , one home , one block at a time

Shared Culture

Fruta Gift on the sidewalk in front of Canticle Farm

Shared Values

Service:  Selflessness. How can I foster the wellbeing of others, knowing that their upliftment is bound up with my own?

Spirituality:  How can I maintain and practice peace in all of my waking moments? How can I calm the mind in order to serve most effectively?

Nonviolence:  How can I love all beings with so much fervor that there is no room for ill will? How can I bring that love into all relationships?

Community:  I am part of an interconnected web of life. ‘I’ does not exist independent of relationships. How can I foster and strengthen those relationships?

Simplicity/Regeneration:  Sustainability is not enough. How can I align my thoughts, words, and actions to bring life back to the relationships in the Earth upon which I depend?

tamales grown from the seed up

Shared Practices

1.   Integral Nonviolence 

    • Personal transformation
    • Constructive program
    • Disobeying with Great Love  – Holding actions

2.  Restorative Justice

    • Restorative circle
    • Exploring power, privilege, & oppression
    • Accompaniment

3.   Heart Mind Spirit Soul

    • To Be In Receptive Silence
    • Council
    • Liturgy

4.  The Work That Reconnects

    • Living systems theory
    • Shift in consciousness
    • Creating new structures

5.  Nonviolent Communication

    • Collaborative decision-making
    • Group facilitation
    • Personal responsibility

More concretely, it is our intention to live as close to these practices:

Maintain each house as a temple:  Clean, ready for guests and clear of the energy of all intoxicating substances.
Remove shoes before entering houses.

Sharing: There are common spaces in the community. If something is removed/borrowed, return the item promptly and in useable condition for the sake of others who use the space.

Trusteeship: Nonpossession – When we claim ownership, we claim the ability to destroy. We hold trusteeship as a shared practice to recognize that we are trustees of all that we touch in this world. Nothing is ours alone. It is all for everyone. With this realization, we practice living simply and taking deep care of all that we encounter or use – taking only what we need and leaving the rest for others.

Walking in Beauty: We hold the practice of seeing beauty in all situations, and leaving all spaces and situations more beautiful than we found them.

Presence Activism: When we are fully present, we can forge deeper connections. Our shared values and intention are merely words on paper without carrying them into every moment with everyone that we encounter. In a neighborhood that is seen by the corporate media as being plagued with violence; walking in beauty and bringing that beauty into our dialogues with all of our neighbors, regardless of how difficult, is a revolutionary act.

Clear Communication: When we speak and/or listen, we hold the power to create and the power to destroy. Knowing that violence stems from even the most subtle acts, we hold the practices of directly addressing conflicts, and speaking kindly – without falsity, gossip, or idle chatter. We also practice checking-in with everyone before launching into conversation with them.

Joy and Celebration: Living in harmony with your values brings a joy forth that stems from the Earth and reaches to the sky! We honor and hold joy and celebration as necessary and integral aspects of regenerating connection and love in this time of the great turning/ great unraveling.

prickly pear cactus fruit


One thought on “Shared Culture

  1. I discovered you in Joanna Macy’s newsletter, and am delighted to be in San Francisco and can come for a visit. I so love what you are doing, and how you are doing it. Thank you for your contribution to the world.

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