Canticle Farm

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Reflections from the students of Holy Names High School

Reflections from the students of Holy Names High School after a two-day visit to Canticle Farm:

  • “I enjoyed the interactions I had with the people of Canticle Farm. They had a lot of wisdom insight to offer both through their words and their way of life.”
  • “I really enjoyed the receptive silence. It allowed me to cleanse my mind and focus on being in the moment.”
  • I have grown in experiencing humility and love for strangers. I feel like I was able to see God in the people I met. I feel I have grown in my spirituality and have a clearer mind.”
  • “I really enjoyed a the change in my lifestyle. I liked stepping out of my comfort zone and stepping into the lives of others. It open my eyes in so many new ways.”
  • “I thing the biggest problem I saw was the dehumanization of others, making other people less than us because of their past choices. They are all humans or ‘citizens of this earth’, yet somehow they are seen as less than everyone else.”
  • “This was very nurturing to my spirituality because it allowed me to explore my spirituality and put it into practice. At CF I was able to really evaluate myself and look at myself and who I am. I learned to open my heart and love more. I then put it into practice at Elizabeth House and Dorothy’s Place.”
  • “I loved the experience! It was not at all what I expected, but it was way better!”
  • “In the ‘world’ where we live we are so use to focusing on the material things that make us happy. We believe that in order to be happy and noticed we have to live up to trends, ‘hype’, etc…. Adelaja and those from CF proved that you don’t need all the commodities in the world in order to be happy and at peace.”
  • “Kevin made a great point when he talked about the convicts and restorative justice. Sometimes we don’t give these people a chance when they are ready to change. This causes more violence and drug abuse.”
  • “I enjoyed the time of peace and quiet that we have had because as a high school student we don’t tend to have this. Space, and time where people could listen was much appreciated.”
  • “This trip helped me connect to our planet earth and the true meaning of human life on earth. I saw God in many shapes and sizes.”
  • “This trip was very reflective for me, very valuable and special. CF was a whole different world where I practiced different customs. The lifestyle at CF is very heart warming and I really enjoyed it.”
  • “This experience has impacted my spiritually in that now I see people who do “bad” things in a whole different way. Now, I understand that God does not abandon these people who do “bad” things. I learned that God gives people second chances.”
  • “The most valuable part was the daily lunches. The entire process was fun for me. I got to have conversations while cooking and eating. I love how connected everyone was.”
  • “I loved the receptive silence. It takes time for experiences to simmer before I can take it all in. I needed the time to just sit!”
  • “I learned I can fully depend on God in everything I do, and I have more proof that God is good.”
  • “I learned that I have purpose and I can impact other people.”
  • “I realized I can learn a lot from other people.”
  • “I learned that ‘hurt people hurt people’.”
  • “I learned about change, interconnection with nature, second chances, love, hard work, appreciation, gratitude, understanding, listening, not hearing.”
  • “Learning to listen to the earth and other people was truly the most valuable aspect of the experience. Also, learning not to judge others and love them unconditionally.”
  • “I wouldn’t change one thing about this experience. Even if the food was nasty ,I wouldn’t change anything. These were the best few days of my life.”
  • “I appreciated the safe environment for me to share my feelings. I don’t share my feelings usually because I don’t feel like it is safe for me to do so.”
  • “This trip has made me feel closer to God. This trip helped me realize that God is real and here with us.”
  • “I feel like I can see through all the bullshit in society. I just want to be me. I want to thrive to be a better me.”
  • “This trip has made me feel more empathy and love for others. I realized that we all have feelings and struggles.”